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The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair

Characters of this adventure:

Persecuted by Christianity and all the other religions of planet earth.

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Pink Flamingo flights through the entire story and finally surrenders to the fact that he has to drop his rational and logic mind and accept the mysteries and the unknowable and join the caravanserai of life.

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Rat the Scientist pushes the Pagan Gods to leave the secret library of the Vatican and is the first to try the powerful Dynamic Meditation.

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Snake, the most persecuted God since the joke of the apple in the garden of heaven.

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Cat, due to his fine receptivity, can't escape this tickling energy in the air that floods everything in Osho’s place and becomes the best sexual Tantra teacher.

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Seal the Nun drops celibacy in order to find God and Divine Love and is being persecuted as a Witch by Christians and risked to be stoned to death by Muslims

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Butterfly & Dragonfly with a kiss magically bring back to life all the beautiful erotic statues Christians confiscated down the ages and in prisoned in the 'Hall Of The Frozen Lovers'.

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Kowalsky The Goose explains the connection between AIDS & COVID and the ancient Zen story of geese in or out of bottles and exposes the illusion every human being on earth carries inside himself unconsciously and in total denial.

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Paddy Noah, alchemist and drunkard, seeing the imminent global suicide provoked by man’s unconsciousness, convinces the Pagan Gods to build the Nunsense Ark to save what is possible.

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Nostradamus predicts AIDS, COVID, the murder of Pope Luciani and the coming of OSHO who knows the truth, and the end of Christianity and all other religions.

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Leonardo Da Vinci is given the project to build the Ark of Consciousness.

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Cliff and Black Somesh , the pilots of the flying Nunsense Ark find the way to the mysterious place. Black Somesh becomes the lead guitar of the musicians of the indomitable meditators and Cliff becomes the co-pilot of the Magic Empty Chair.

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Dionysus, close drinking friend with Paddy, is in charge of the vine sails and the cellars of the Nunsense Ark.

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Cockatoo Brasileiro escapes the Amazonian forest due to the increasingly deforestation and joins the Nunsen Ark.

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Eagle raise alarm about ozone holes which absorbs 97-99% of the sun’s high frequency ultraviolet light which is damaging to life and makes earth hotter and hotter.

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Polar Bear don’t have any more places to go as the ice is melting everywhere due to global warming and also takes refuge in the Ark with the Pagan Gods.

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Rabbit, known for his very fast sexual behavior, learns from the Magic Chair the tantric secrets of staying present, slowdown and retain indefinitely his orgasm in the love act and, with Cat, becomes the best Tantra teacher the world has never known.

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Pan, after having to hide for centuries in the Vatican Library, can’t stop playing his flute and keeps the party going on board of the Nunsense Ark during the entire adventure.

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Monkey is in charge of the Pagan Gods music group.

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Witchy Witch finally finds her place at Osho’s Place where she can teach all the secrets and mysteries of life she was persecuted for from all the religions of the world and becomes the leader of Osho’s Multiversity Dry-cleaning Program and starts a New Mystery School.

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Jena, due to her nature, has an easy time during the first part of the Mystic Rose Meditation where people laugh for no reason at all for three hours a day for one week continuously

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Crocodile, due to his nature, has an easy time during the second part of the Mystic Rose Meditation where people cry and release their inner anguish for three hours a day for one week continuously.

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Cupid,also imprisoned in the Hall of Frozen Lovers, awakes from a long and deep sleep and celebrates with the Pagans God all the way to Osho’s Place. There he has no problem shooting his arrows in all directions as there is only love in the air.

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From the entire Pagan Gods, The Three Devils are the first to become Osho’s disciples and immediately transform themselves into the three famous laughing Buddhas.

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Paddy’s sister Gorgeous Gloria is elected president of the first world no-government starting a new era of laughter and celebration.

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