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A powerful monthly 3 weeks Group-Meditation in OSHO Meditation Resorts around the world
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the mystic rose meditation
A wise man will choose pain in the beginning and pleasure in the end,
because pain in the beginning will give you the background,
and against it the pleasure will be more pleasing than ever.
Pleasure in the beginning will give you a soft background
and then the pain will be too much, unbearable.

That's what I am here for.
You ask: can you help me.
That is not the real question...
Can you take my help?
that is the real question.
Are you ready to take my help?
Will you ALLOW me to help you?
Won't you resist?
Will you open your heart for me to come in?
And my coming in your heart is a great surgery.

It is pain in the beginning,
agony on the way,
ecstasy only in the end.

- Osho -

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Introduction | Prologue | Characters | Browse | Authors | ENTER | versión en españolEspañol