Two Sannyasins meet


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The meeting of two Sannyas

ying yangSwami Rashid
Celebrating someone's birthday two old sannyasins meet beside the churning dance floor.

"Hey man! You too?"

"Woa! Swamiji."

They hug for a long long time.

"I thought you were in Bali."


"I'm sure this girl said Bali."


"I bumped into her in Amsterdam."

"Not what's-her-name.?"

"Yeah. What's her name? . . . She was hanging out with someone who's ex-girlfriend was with the guy who runs a clothes business out of there."


"Oh you know him. He was with the girl who got together with that drummer guy in Poona One."

"Who's got a commune in Brazil?"

"No. The one who sometimes played in Sufi Dance. Drove Back-hoes on the Ranch."

"Was he the guy who twice dug up the power supply cable? And lived."

"And fell off a town house roof!"

"No that was the Italian guy. This guy was a tarot reader in the Mystery School."

"And wasn't he with that girl from Munich who was in Publications?"

"Right. And she got together with old . . . um . . . the guy who set up as a builder."

"Yes. Lived out by the river."

"The River House?

"That big block of flats. "Behind . . . what's its name?


"No! Go out of the ashram, turn right and then down that little road where the guy had the bike rental business. What was his name? My god, who does not exist, are we getting old or what?"

"Did you hear he got arrested?"

"What for?"

"Who knows? The usual I expect."

"The Ghats! Near the burning Ghats."

"Oh Popular Heights."

"Popular Heights! Of course!"


"That's where the builder guy lived. The one who got together with what's her name?"

"It's getting serious man. Too much sitting round watching the grass grow by itself."

"You'd know him if you saw him."

"The guy who set up as a builder in Poona 2 and lived at Popular Heights"

"What about him?"

"Wasn't he the guy who got together with . . . Oh no we've done that. Where was I?"

"A girl in Amsterdam."

"She's giving Satsangs now."

"You bumped into her in the street?"

"Not literally. He always said they'd be springing up like mushrooms when he left the body."

"What was her name?"

"Oh man! S. Her name begins with an S."

"Was she in Poona One?

"Okay. You remember the tall Krishna Guard who went to Japan to teach English? Well his first girlfriend, who he came to Poona with, set up a cleaning business in Alaska after the Ranch. She made a small fortune . . ."

"Hey! Do you remember that one? How does a sannyasin get a small fortune? Eh? Start off with a big one!"

"Yeah. Reminds me. On the Ranch. In the Trailer Homes. How does a Swami know when his girlfriend is coming?"

"I don't remember that. How does a Swami know when his girlfriend is >coming?"

"He hears her cries through the partition wall."

"We were all too exhausted for that sort of thing."

"Or we were suffering from a bad back."

"Osho always said it would be hard."

"She was a gardener in Poona two."


"The one you were asking about. The one who's boyfriend's ex is hanging out with the guy in Bali who does clothing."

"I've never been to Bali."

"Mary! That was it! Prem Mary! Wasn't that her name before she went and changed it . . . ?"

The other Swami is a blur of limbs amongst the dancers.

"Who was he . . ?"

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