trust existence

Whenever you are surrendered to existence, whenever you live in trust, love, prayer, joy, celebration, you are in heaven.
But what I am doing here is to help you to go beyond both -- because the person who lives in heaven can fall into hell any moment. They are not far away, they are very close by...just a small fence and that too is tattered because it is very old. And for centuries there has been an argument as to who should repair it. The Devil is not ready. Why should he be worried about it? Nobody wants to enter hell! If it is God' worry that hell people may enter into heaven, then he should repair it. But God is a miser, and they go on quarreling.

One day it happened: God said, "If you don't repair the fence -- which has really been destroyed by your people and your nuisance on the other side, our people have not done anything -- I am going to court!" The Devil said, "You can go, but where are you going to find an advocate? They are all here on my side! Go to court!"

Hell is a state of mind when you live in plenty and yet you live in poverty, when life is such a blessing and yet you live in sadness. When the flowers bloom you don't bloom. When the stars shine you don't shine.When the clouds are in the sky floating in freedom don't enjoy the freedom. When the cuckoo calls from a distant wood and you remain deaf. When the peacock dances you don't dance. This is hell! And you are the creator of it.


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