very very early primal therapy

fuck you mama!!!
OSHO: Marriage and Children

OSHO: Conditioning

You are not to teach children religion and morality; you are to learn from them because they are far closer to God than you are. They have come just now from God's home; they are still carrying the fragrance. You have forgotten completely, they have not yet forgotten; it will take time for them to forget. It will take time for them to be conditioned by you and destroyed by you.

OSHO, Zen: The Special Transmission, Chapter #6

Children still remember something of the mystery.

They have just come from the other world, they have not yet forgotten it completely... the fragrance is still around them.
That's why all children look so beautiful.
They start losing their grace the day they start learning plastic behaviour.


But personality is very thin, skin-deep. It is not your nature. The child is born without a personality, but he is born with a potential individuality. The potential individuality simply means his uniqueness from anybody else -- he is different.


Drop the lot and dance by Shakti & Pan at

If you care about children
Have an open mind
Are prepared to re-think old ideas then,


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