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scroll downQuestion: Osho, what is your message to humanity on this new year's day?

My message is simple. My message is a new man, homo novus.
The old concept of man was of either/or; materialist or spiritualist, moral or immoral, sinner or saint. It was based on division, split. It created a schizophrenic humanity.
The whole past of humanity has been sick, unhealthy, insane.
In three thousand years, five thousand wars have been fought.

This is just utterly mad; it is unbelievable.
It is stupid, unintelligent, inhuman.
Once you divide man into two, you create misery and hell for him.

He can never be healthy and can never be whole, the other half that has been denied will go on taking revenge.
It will go on finding ways and means to overcome the part that you have imposed upon yourself.
You will become a battle-ground, a civil war.

That's what has been the case in the past.
In the past we were not able to create real human beings, but humanoids.
A humanoid is one who looks like a human being but is utterly crippled, paralysed. He has not been allowed to bloom in his totality. He is half, and because he is half he is always in anguish and tension; he cannot celebrate.
Only a whole man can celebrate.

Celebration is the fragrance of being whole.
Only a tree that has lived wholly will flower.
Man has not flowered yet.
The past has been very dark and dismal.
It has been a dark night of the soul.
And because it was repressive, it was bound to become aggressive.

If something is repressed, man becomes aggressive, he loses all soft qualities.
It was always so up to now. We have come to a point where the old has to be dropped and the new has to be heralded.
The new man will not be either/or; he will be both/and.
The new man will be earthly and divine, worldly and other-worldly.
The new man will accept his totality and he will live it without any inner division, he will not be split.

His god will not be opposed to the devil, his morality will not be opposed to immorality; he will know no opposition.
He will transcend duality, he will not be schizophrenic.
With the new man there will come a new world, because the new man will perceive in a qualitatively different way and he will live a totally different life which has not been lived yet.
He will be a mystic, a poet, a scientist, all together. He will not choose; he will be choicelessly ....


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