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I-Ching Lao Tzu insisted on not saying anything about the truth his whole life.
Whenever someone asked about truth he would say many things, but he would not say anything about the truth; he would avoid it.
In the end he was forced to say something.
Disciples, lovers, said he should write because he had known something which was rarely known, he had become something which was unique -- there would be no Lao Tzu again.

So he wrote a small book, Tao Te Ching, but the first thing he said in it was, "Tao cannot be said, Truth cannot be uttered. And the moment you utter it, it is already false." And then he said, "Now I can write at ease. I have declared the basic fact: uttered, truth becomes false; written, it has already gone wrong." Why is the word false? One thing: it always belongs to the past.
Another thing: the word in itself cannot carry the experience to you. I say I am silent. You hear the words; the word in itself cannot carry the experience to you.
I say I am silent. You hear the words -- the word silent is heard, but what do you understand? If you have never been silent, if you have never tasted it, if it has never stirred your heart, if it has never overwhelmed you, overpowered you, how can you understand? And if it has overpowered you, if there has been a gap when you disappeared and silence was there, there will be no need for me to talk about silence.
The moment you see me, you will know; the moment you come near me, you will feel.
The word will not be needed.


I-Ching I-Ching
I-Ching I-Ching I-Ching
I-Ching I-Ching

I-ChingHope is not the friend, remember; it is the foe.
It is because of hope that you go on postponing. But you will remain the same tomorrow also, and tomorrow also you will hope for some future.
And this way it can go on for eternity, and you can go on missing.
Stop postponing.
And who knows what the future is going to reveal to you? There is no way to know about it.
It is an opening; all alternatives are open. What is really going to happen, nobody can predict.
People have tried.
That's why people go to astrologers, to I CHING, and to other sorts of things.
I CHING goes on fascinating people, astrologers go on influencing people.
Astrology still seems to be a great force. Why? -- because people are missing and they are hoping for the future.
They want some clue to know what is going to happen so they can arrange it that way.
These things will persist, even if scientifically it is proved that it is all nonsense.
They will persist because it is not a question of science, it is a question of human hope.
Unless hope is dropped, I CHING cannot be dropped.
Unless hope is dropped, astrology cannot be dropped.
It will have great power over man's mind because hope is gripping you.
You would like to know little clues about the future so you can move more confidently, you can project more confidently, and you can postpone many more things.


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